Why Younger Men Like Older Women

Has hooking up with mature MILFs always one of your deepest sexual desires? You’re definitely not alone. The fantasy of older women dating younger men is one that’s shared amongst many male singles, from teens to guys well into their thirties.Long before American Pie introduced us to Steve Stifler’s mom, preceding Fountains of Wayne had the hots for Stacey’s, and even way back prior to Mrs. Robinson seducing Hoffman’s Ben in 1967, many guys have lusted after a relationship with older women. Scoring sexual encounters with saucy cougars is the epitome of erotic daydreams.

The Experience of Dating an Older Woman as a Younger Man

While the category of MILF may commonly be regarded as a fetish, it’s often much more than that. In fact, plenty of younger men are dating older women, and isn’t exactly under wraps. It’s happening all around us in mainstream media.Famously, prior to marrying his That 70’s Show co-star, Mila Kunis, Aston Kutcher was loved-up with Demi Moore for almost a decade, a woman 15 years his senior. There’s definitely something alluring about those women with experience. But, what is it?

Why Would a Younger Man be Attracted to an Older Woman?

Lots of women search the way around the Web, wondering: ‘why do younger men like older women?’ On the surface, it seems to go against all obvious factors of attraction. Ladies are told guys prefer youthful facial features, tight aesthetics, perky and peachy features in all the right places. While beauty-preserving products and procedures saturate the cosmetics industry, such factors don’t seem so important to a younger man seeking an older woman for a relationship.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in most cases, it doesn’t conform to those imposed in glossy print. The fact is, the attraction for dating an older woman, sometimes 10 years your senior or even more, runs much deeper than the dewy dermis.

Mature woman

So, Why Do Younger Men Like Older Women?

A whole lot of research has been carried out to investigate why younger men love dating older women, from academic papers to more casual discussions in online media. While raw, raunchy sex appeal, may trigger the initial attraction for many men, researchers have found that older women have countless other attributes that keep them coming back for more.Notably, younger guys enjoy that older women are thinking along the same lines. Unlike women their own age, older women are embracing their zest for life; they’re certainly not searching for an unrealistic movie romance, perfect husband material, or someone to be their baby daddy. The interest lies in lustful laughter and flirting, not to mention exhilarating saucy hookups. Largely, for younger guys, the focus on starting a family can be a huge turn-off. Knowing you're not ready for anything more serious than no-strings attached dating is key to your romantic decisions… no matter how casual you intend to keep them. Your current relationship endgame differs so drastically from women your own age, hooking up with local older women having sex with younger guys is the dream.

Additionally, with the rise and rise of social media, women who date younger men certainly have the advantage over younger girls. Rather than continually striving to live up to the materialistic expectations dictated by Insta- influencers, mature ladies are far less high-maintenance. Why splash the cash on unfulfilling in-vogue items, when all the best things in life come for free. Independent older women know that hooking up for naughty but nice dates – without the worry of filters, social media stories, or #OOTD hashtags – ensure the kinkiest of encounters.Let’s not forget, with age often comes confidence. Feeling comfortable in their own skin often allows women who date younger men to let loose, liberating their libido. Unlike fashion and body conscious female peers, males enjoy the sexual freedom that comes from a mature woman’s self-confidence. Many men note that this bleeds into day-to-day life, too, as self-assured mature singles make for poised partners, whether your friends with benefits casually or for the long-term.The truth is, guys simply can’t wait to do away with the childlike issues and dramas that come with hooking up with younger women. Sometimes, the stress-free sexual simplicity for a younger man dating an older woman organically leads to a relationship.

A Guide to Finding Older Women for Younger Men

Of course, you’re unlikely to come across a 40-year old woman dating younger men in your usual social spots. If you’re serious about meeting a horny MILF for local dates, you have to step up your dating game. No experienced cougar is going to wait around, playing a damsel in distress, hoping a hot younger guy will walk her way.

Most older women with younger men have met their matches online. Rather than wasting time wondering which ladies are looking for sexual encounters with guys several years their junior, online dating makes it simple. As far as these ladies are concerned, there’s no need to know the signs for if a younger man likes an older woman. Not when you can sign up for free with a dedicated MILF hookup website.

As a member you will gain access to endless pages of W4M cougar personals, all posted by older women looking for younger men in your area of the US. From the comfort of your own home, experience how older ladies love to tease, taunt and tantalise in chat rooms, before suggesting a real-word risque rendezvous. There’s no need to sit on your long-term sexual fantasy, when it’s so simple to see it become your reality online.

Still Wondering Why Older Women Date Younger Men?

Truthfully, they’re in it for the ride. Embrace their lust for life.

Say goodbye to the stresses of modern-day dating with girls your own age. Become one of the countless men to find a woman who knows how to send your libido into overdrive.