Discover How to Tell If a Single Mom Likes You

Dating a single mom can be an exciting experience, but you need to know that it's not for every single man. You need to understand the life of a single mom better to be able to make this relationship work. The sooner you realize that the most of her time is for her kids, the higher the chances of you making a relationship work. But, one thing is for sure that single moms can make relationships work because they know where to make compromises.

Learn How to Tell If a Single Mom Likes You

However, it's important to understand that whether you're serious about dating and being in a relationship with a single woman you know or you just want her to be in bed with you, it's important to proceed carefully and invest yourself physically and emotionally. But, if you already have a single mom at the workplace and you believe she's interested, you need to look for the right signs. Here's how to tell if a single mom likes you.

She Looks at You Romantically

If she's in your office and you tell her being interested in you by the way she looks at you. Know that women will always use their eyes much more than they use their words and the same holds true in the case of mature single moms. Even if she doesn't look directly at you, she may always look for moments to check you out while you're busy doing something else. Don't draw any conclusions though and give it a few more days to see if she continues doing the same. And the next time you catch her looking at you, smile back at her. If she's really interested, you might not have to ask how to get a single mom in bed.

She Likes to be with You

Know that a woman likes you when she wants to spend more time with you. Sometimes, she's not looking at it romantically but more as a friend, and that's why it makes sense to look for other signs too before you make any move. Nevertheless, you can take it as a sign if she has more friends in the workplace but she still looks for opportunities to be around you.

She Asks So Many Questions

If she likes to spend time with you and use that time to ask more questions from you, it may be a sign that she likes you and maybe in love too. Know that a mature single mom will always be a lot more experienced, so she's going to be more forward than teenage girls. Therefore, if you notice she asks questions and shows a serious interest in getting to know more about you, she may be seeing a romantic partner in you.

Mature woman

She Wants to Know about Your Relationships

If a single mom loves to talk to you and her questions turn to your relationships, know that she's eyeing for something bigger. Does she seem interested in knowing about your family, friends, and even old girlfriends? And if she's looking for a sexual affair only, you might notice her turn quickly to questions related to your affairs, breakups, feelings, and even sexual things. If the conversation gets sexier by the day, know that she's already prepared to be in bed with you.

She Opens Up about Her Personal Life

You may know her as a colleague or friend, but if she trusts you and discusses her personal life with you, it may be much more than friendship. For single moms, it's natural to talk about their kids, but she may even talk about her marriage, sexual life, and old relationships if she's willing to have an affair with you as well. However, you may wonder if you can do anything to grab the attention of a single mom you know and make her fall for you. You can surely do that, but understand that if you're looking for a serious relationship, breaking up with a single woman won't be easy and may affect all parties emotionally. So, know what you're going to get yourself into.

If you're ready, here's what you can do:

  • Be good to the people around you. Coming across as a good person is a way to get her attention. Know that she's experienced and won't fall for cheesy lines or things. Even simple gestures like holding doors for strangers, smiling politely, and saying "thank you" will do.
  • Avoid doing anything that is not kid-friendly. If you're serious about dating a single mom, you should avoid drinking, smoking, or even listening to music that's inappropriate for kids.
  • Be willing to pamper her whenever possible. Pleasant surprises like an appointment for manicure or massage will always make her feel happy and become fond of you.
  • Be ready to work as per her schedule. You should willingly change your schedule to suit her needs. Remember, she needs to give more time and attention to her kids, so you need to make most of what you eventually get.

Overall, you need to treat her the way you'd do for any other female, but you'll be more careful because there are kids involved in the whole scenario. If you're more interested in getting a single mom in bed, you may try other alternatives and consider looking for the right partner online. Sites like will lend a helping hand by connecting you with likeminded people looking for your type of dating. So, go ahead and take charge of things to enjoy your life with mature single moms near you!