Discover What Do Guys Think about Dating a Single Mom

Different people have different views about dating and starting a new romantic relationship. While some men just want to be with younger girls, there are others exclusively interested in dating mature women. In fact, you can also find many people interested in affairs dating with married women. It all comes down to your personal preferences as well as what your partner thinks of it.

What Do Guys Think about Dating a Single Mom?

The same is true for men dating single moms. Some do it for pleasure only, while others believe they should look for a single mom because she has the experience and knows how to make a relationship work. But, again, not every man thinks in the same way because they don't want to be part of single mothers dating problems.

Do guys like single moms? It's really hard to answer because there are mixed reactions from men after knowing a woman they feel attracted to was married in the past and is now a mother too. The biggest reason they look the other way and don't want to date a single mom is the baggage that comes with a woman with kids. But, there can be various reasons why men may want to stay away from single moms. For instance:

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  • They want to stay away from all the drama they might have to encounter in a relationship. The drama starts when you're dating a single mom and her ex stirs up trouble in ways you might have never imagined. You may have even heard stories of jealous exes who go the distance to ensure that no one gets near their old flame. Even when a woman convinces you that her ex has nothing to do with her anymore, you just can't avoid the drama completely
  • They want you around all the time. It's usually the case with younger folks because they think that their girlfriends should be available for romantic chats anytime they like. That's not the case with mature single moms because they just can't be available 24/7. Those men who don't want to date single moms just don't want to be in a situation when their dating partner can't show up because her sitter has gone AWOL.
  • They just don't appreciate the fact that they'll be investing in your kids financially. These men are too proud to have any feelings for someone else's kids, and that often keeps them from loving a woman who would've been a gem had she not been married before. Even if a woman is beautiful and smart, there are men who can't look beyond their kids. It's actually better for single moms to avoid being in a relationship with such guys anyway.

Sometimes, there are men who won't mind dating a single mom, but they don't really know how to make the move. In addition, there are instances when men think that a single mom is not really interested in dating and starting a new relationship at all. That's partly because single moms have their kids at their first priority, and that makes them look really busy. Men often think that a single dedicated mom would never have time for them, and that thought alone is enough to keep them from approaching a decent woman.

It all comes down to the fact that difficult life circumstances of single moms make many men run away and never try to date them. The truth is that while a single mom really has to take care of her kids, she can still find time for herself and make her relationship work. Here are some interesting reasons why you should date a single mom.

Dating a single mom is hard, but you need to know that you're getting in a relationship with someone who is very patient and understands life better. As she won't sweat the small stuff, you're likely to have a fulfilling relationship. You're going to have a great relationship if you like some maturity in your partner. Because of their life experiences, single moms, even when they're relatively young, will come across as a mature person. Don't expect her to play games or play hard to get at any time. If she's serious, she'll let you know. A big reason to date a single mom is that she's often financially independent and not after you for your money alone. As she's independent, she's not going to be clingy or use you for your financial status.

As she understands life better, she'll be there to support you no matter what. Expect her to appreciate you for all your achievements. Remember, vulnerability and compassion are important to make a relationship work and you might notice both when getting in touch with single moms.

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