What Do 50 Year Old Men Want in Bed?

A 50 year old man is different from a 30 year old man, in so far as his needs and wants have evolved. He is surer of what his requirements are, and he is not afraid or ashamed to ask for them. He likes a woman who is confident sexually. He knows what works for him in bed and what does not, and has no regrets for things he cannot do anymore. He wants a woman who can pleasure him in bed with a clear understanding of her own sexuality. Older men prefer partners that are fearless in intimacy, just as they are. This is something that men of all ages find very appealing – a woman who is confidently sexy. She knows that a woman’s body responds to age and hormonal ups and downs, and she is not afraid to show her wrinkles and freckles – they are all part of who she is. She does not feel self conscious at all about these things. This makes her all the more attractive.

How to Get a 50 Year Old Man in Bed

What Do Older Men Want in Bed?

Older men want a partner in bed who is a good communicator. If you are a woman who is sure of herself, confident in your own skin, an older man will definitely find you sexy. You must know how your body works, and not feel shy about shortcomings or apparent flaws. All real people have flaws, and he does, too. Communication is the most important aspect of any romantic relationship. A man over 50 wants a woman like you in his bed – a woman who is not shy to ask for what she wants, who vocalizes and demands her needs and in turn pleasures her man to the fullest satisfaction. An older man likes to have a spontaneous partner. Life feels like a gift to them at this age. And you can be a part of that package too, by helping him be spontaneous. Give your sex life a good shake – mix up locations, positions, and even when you have sex during the day.

How to Sexually Arouse a Man over 50?

  • Sit with your man and watch a porn movie together. As someone has so rightly said, the mind is the real sex organ. Older men like erotic porn. It is the kind of wild expression that they want to identify with. So you can use this tool to sexually arouse your man.
  • After the movie is over, get ready for the act yourself. Did you learn a new position or style? So why not try it now?
  • He may be bowled over by your enthusiasm. Older men really like women who are adventurous and like to keep learning new things.
  • You can also bring a sex toy with you if he agrees. It enhances the sensation of sexual arousal and many couples swear by the great versatility of sex toys.
  • You are free to dress kinky and talk dirty if that is his fantasy.
Mature woman

What Do Men in Their 50s Want in a Woman?

Men want the most to satisfy a woman. Older men know the way to it. They have had enough sex partners during their time to know how to satisfy a woman. And he wants a partner that will scream out in pleasure. He wants his woman to be delighted with him and express it openly. He does not want a woman who will fake an orgasm and tell him he was so good while thinking otherwise. She should be strong enough to let him know if he was not good enough. It makes him happy, when he has feedback on how he has performed. Because all men, no matter how old they are, have performance anxiety. An older man feels confident and powerful when his woman tells him she is fully satisfied and would like to do it again soon. Men in their 50s want a woman who knows how important foreplay is, and how good the perfect foreplay can feel. If you are this woman, you must know that he does not want you to make hurry and reach an orgasm and fall asleep. He wants you to savor your time together and enjoy the intimacy.

What Do Men in Their 50s Want in a Woman?

Men in their 50s want sex to feel good and enjoyable. But it does not mean they prefer plain vanilla sex. They like some good old intimate touching, masturbation, oral sex, and are not afraid to try new positions. They know that women like cuddling and spooning as much as they like intercourse and an older man is man enough to give her what she wants. He has lived long enough to have experienced the joys of pleasuring a woman. This man knows he is not as energetic in bed as he once was, and it is for this reason that he would like to be appreciated a little for his endeavor to please you. Tell him that he is making you feel good, and take the time to kiss him and touch him – the little pleasures – before diving headfirst into sex. And if you are feeling shy to actually tell him in words, moaning loudly also lets him know how you are feeling.

What Men in Their 50 Want in a Woman?

Men in their 50s want substance from a woman. They have seen life and have lived enough years to know that they are now different from younger men, and that their needs and wants are different too. These older men want a woman who knows how to respect and keep boundaries. He wants her too to have a vibrant life and not cling to him for identity. He knows what works for him and what does not. They want someone who is straightforward and sincere. They do not necessarily want a more beautiful woman. A sincere woman would be their first choice. They want high sex drive in a woman. They know what they want in bed very clearly and want someone who can take them to higher levels of ecstasy. This woman must be open minded – an adventurous and intelligent woman with a sense of humor. She should be able to take charge in bed, or submit to his demands, and have no problem with either role. It is a great thing if she can go ahead and initiate sex herself. Older men would absolutely love such a woman.

How to Turn On an Older Man

The sexual needs of an older man are different from those of a younger man. If you are on this page reading about how to turn on an older man you must be eager to learn how to do it. Well, read on to learn more. You have an advantage over women dating younger men – older men are more understanding and mature. They are more tolerant. And they are physically less demanding. You need to know that he is slow and that is okay. Take it slow and release him from the pressure to perform. Devote a lot of time to the sex session because you may end up having slow delicious sex for over an hour, most of which was foreplay. Yes, these older men know the importance of foreplay. You may need to sexually stimulate him for a longer time and try not to get disappointed if he does not respond right away. Put on some sexy lingerie for him and a seducing perfume. He will definitely admire you for your effort in pleasing him.

How to Please an Older Man Sexually

In your effort to learn more about how to please an older man sexually, you may very well learn something about yourself too. Sex is not only for the young, you must have realized that by now. Talk with your man about his sexual needs and wants, what he wants you to do to him in bed and learn to make small changes that can bring big results. Focus on physical intimacy more than the actual act of sex. It might allow great sex to follow naturally. Take your time and spread out your sexual experience over a long period rather than hurrying in and out of it. Find out what works for him. It may mean that you have to expand your concept of sex. But this is a key to learning how to please an older man.